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Little teardrop caravans for the big outdoors!

Pop Outback

Offroad teardrop caravans for way outback!

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Little shops for any venue!


Lock up trailers for marketing, gear and sleep!

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Caretta pop out
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Caretta pop outback
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Caretta pop up shop
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Hi, welcome to Caretta Australia

Award-winning Teardrop Campers.

We believe this country is made to explore.

We believe big things come in small packages.

We believe big adventures don't require big caravans.

We believe in great customer service and fast delivery times.

Our teardrops can easily be towed by small cars or large four wheel drives and feature quality European retro design, interiors and kitchens. 
Our exclusive teardrops are customised for Australian camping and driving conditions and are half the price of most caravans. Winners of the Caravan Industry Association of WA 2018 Innovation Award. 
Fully offroad teardrops for 4WD available. All teardrop trailers are fuel efficient, light and aerodynamic saving thousands of dollars in fuel costs each year.
Caretta teardrops feature a beautifully appointed sleeping interior and versatile kitchen complete with power and fridge. Comfort that is hard to believe, in such a compact space. 
Rental teardrops available through the online bookings menu NOW! 
Ballarat New Demo arrived in May! 
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