1. Electrics of the caravan. 12V or 240V? The teardrop caravans are supplied with both a battery (12V) system and a 240V system. 

How long does the battery last? It depends on what you are powering. As a general guide we would expect the battery to last for 24h with regular use of lights/TV/water pump. 

What does the electrical system run? Internal lights, awning lights, kitchen lights, USB and socket chargers, water pump, TV, radio. 

What about the fridge? Fridges are power hungry. See Fridge FAQ. 


2. Electrics of your tow vehicle

What is the trailer pin? 12 pin flat

Do I need to visit an auto electrician? Yes. Most trailer connectors only operate trailer lights. All caravans have extra auxiliary systems which you need to tell your car how to operate. For example, your car needs to charge your auxiliary battery and power your fridge as you travel. For this reason, for all systems to operate correctly, you need to visit an auto electrician before collecting your caravan. Depending on vehicle age, you may require extra components eg. RedArc Smart Start to allow your car’s computer to charge the battery to an optimal level. 

Can you recommend an auto electrician? Yes. 


3. Manufacturer and Warranty

Where are the caravans manufactured? Our factory is based in Turkey, they have a history of manufacturing caravans and motorhomes for the European market for over 40 years. 

Is there a warranty? Although not required by ACL, our caravans all come with a 24 month warranty. Many parts are also covered by international warranty (eg. AL-KO running gear, brakes, axle etc.). This excludes any post-purchase modifications not supplied by Caretta australia. 

Can you repair/replace parts once we purchase? Yes we are the authorised manufacturer and are recommended by CIL insurance, one of the largest caravan insurer’s in Australia. There are service locations now in WA and QLD. 

How are they constructed? All caravans are made to very high standards of construction. Walls and roof are made from marine ply, sandwiched insulation and fibreglass outer. They are extremely well insulated and are used in very cold climates (Iceland/Norway) and very hot climates (Australia/Middle East). 


4. Fridge 

Is the fridge included? Yes

How is the fridge powered? The fridge supplied is a 12V/240V fridge. It operates from the car as you travel and from 240V power once you arrive. 

Can it be powered by the battery? Yes, but only if solar and a compressor fridge are fitted. They are too power hungry otherwise. 


5. What about cooking? You can use removable butane cooktops or can have LPG installed. 

We fit LPG gas cabinets for built in cooktops (eg. SMEV 2 burner glass topped stoves) or bayonet fittings for barbecues. 


5. Delivery Timeframe We aim to supply caravans between 12 weeks and 16 weeks from order, depending on your location. If you would like one quicker, we do offer a premium delivery service for an additional fee. 


6. Tents and Awnings 

Do you have any tents and awnings? Yes we have two main options - canvas or more traditional pull out awnings. There are other options available in local camping shops, depending on your budget/preferences. 

Videos are available on the more info tab. 


7. Comfort/Feel

Will I feel claustrophobic? Although a small space, Caretta teardrops are designed to “feel” airy and spacious with roof vents and two large doors with windows, all to make you feel cosy. 

I am very tall, will I fit in the bed? Most likely! Our beds are 2.040 m long and have had 6ft 5” customers lie comfortably and straight. There is a little wriggle room in the headboard too. 

How hard is the mattress? The mattress is quite firm but comfortable. 

Is it easy to clean? All upholstery and surfaces are sctochguarded and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Mattress covers are removable and can be washed in a cold machine wash. 

What about storage? There is storage space in the cabin (headboard and two cupboards at the rear). The offroad has an additional 80L storage compartment under the bed. The kitchen has two lower cupboards and a large pantry at the back. Unlike other teardrops which use up much of the kitchen space to accommodate electrical systems and battery, Caretta teardrops have a large boot area on the front which stores all electrical systems allowing more space in the kitchen for supplies. As part of the downsizing trend however, teardrops are designed to be a little minimalist! 

Is there condensation? When it is cold outside, as the teardrops are so well insulated, condensation can form inside the caravan. To prevent it from forming under the mattress we find that using foam matting with holes under the mattress offers a good solution. 

8. Solar

We have new flexible solar panels which are roof mounted. They work very efficeintly, even in part shade. They are 100W systems and are supplied fully installed ready to charge the battery. If you have a compressor fridge, the solar and battery system can run this continuously without any 240V power. 

9. How do we compare with other teardrops available in Australia? Favourably. Good value and good quality. Comparison chart available in our e-book/information pack. 

10. Air conditioning

Can they be air conditioned? We prefer to use 12V fans due to power considerations. All air conditioners in Australia use 240V power so you would need a generator to be offgrid. We are working on a new battery powered system which may be available in 2019. 

11. What is their offroad capacity? The offroad teardrops have been tested for water crossings, steep inclines, sand, mud and corrugated roads. They have travelled extensively 1000s of km in the Australian outback (Simpson Desert, Gibb River Road, Karijini National Park, Far North Queensland etc) 

The ground clearance is 600mm and all are provided with offroad tyres. 

12. Can I customise to my own design? Yes, we can customise to your exact design requirements. 

13. What colours are available? We currently offer 4 exterior colours. White, cream, champagne and grey (new in 2019!)  


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