What's better than planning an impromptu weekend camping break? A luxury our teardrop camper owners can enjoy all year round!

According to research carried out by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, last year Aussies across the country enjoyed over 11.7 million camping trips! With so many people exploring our beautiful country, even small changes in the way we live can lead to a positive impact on our environment.

Being eco-friendly conscious might not be at the top of your priorities when you pack up your teardrop camper for a break away but you will be surprised to know there are a number of simple ways you and your family can be eco-friendly campers.

Fuel efficiency

Even if you don’t have an electric of particularly fuel efficient car, there are still plenty of ways you can not only save fuel but also help to reduce pollution.

  1. Plan and efficient journey in advance and check traffic alerts.
  2. Drive smoothly and avoid unnecessary breaking.
  3. Your vehicles engine will heat up quicker on the go so there is no need to idle before setting off.
  4. We use more fuel when we drive faster so stick to the speed limit.
  5. Use your air-con wisely and try to cut down on your vehicles electrical usage.

Stay local

We appreciate that there are so many places you want to visit across the country but you can have just as nice a time on a local camping break. With such wide open landscape that we are blessed with, you won’t struggle to find camper friendly locations in every state. By staying local you will be helping the environment, supporting your local community and will be able to enjoy more time relaxing on your break, rather than spending hours travelling.

Solar energy

Majority of us are all already familiar with the environmental benefits of solar energy. By installing and using solar panels over traditional energy sources we are helping to reduce air pollution. Although our air quality is considered good in Australia by international standards, we can still do more to continue reducing harmful carbon dioxide and methane emissions. Our range of teardrop campers come with the extra option of fitted solar panels helping you to make a positive environmental difference and reap the rewards of harnessing free energy every time you go on holiday with your teardrop camper.

Non-disposable equipment

Disposable plates and other items might be convenient but they not doing the environment any good. By saying no to disposable products, you are helping to fight against our growing landfill sites and the estimated 20,700 tonnes of plastic disposed of throughout Australia every year. There are some fantastic ethical camping products available on the market including reusable dishware, straws and travel size cosmetic bottles. At a first glance, such products may appear more costly but do the maths and you will see the potential long-term savings you could make, whilst making as little impact on nature as possible.


This might seem obvious but as a country we are still disposing of waste that could otherwise be recycled. With majority of campsites now providing recycling facilities there really is no excuse not to recycle your waste. Furthermore, if you are enjoying a break with your teardrop camper off the beaten track, always ensure you follow a leave no trace policy, keeping hold of your rubbish until you can dispose of it correctly to ensure we keep our natural landscape healthy and leave it nice for others to enjoy.

It really is that simple to start enjoying the benefits of eco-friendly breaks away with your teardrop camper. There are still plenty more ways you can help be an environmentally friendly camper and we are confident that once you start following these five easy to follow tips, you will continue to want to reduce your impact on the environment.

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