The weekend is approaching and you start thinking about all the amazing places you and your trusty teardrop caravan can explore. Should we go down South or maybe up North, where it’s warmer? Your weekend plans start to rationalise as you realise you’ve committed to a Sunday BBQ. Have no fear, Perth has plenty of spots nearby that you can visit in a day, all of which will allow for that much needed getaway.

Moore River

Time from Perth: 1 hour

Where is Moore River?

Located around one hour from Perth, Moore River is a beautiful spot, with a family charm. The big draw of this place is the stunning nature that you’ll find at every turn. The surrounding area and boardwalk offers visitors a great place to relax and unwind, with plenty of space to have a picnic. The area also boasts many walking trails that allow travellers to take in the place at its fullest, with some unique views to be found along the way.

On hot summer days, this place really comes alive, so get in early, the refreshing river and ocean look incredible and the place is full of energy. For those that want to get away from the crowds however, why not rent a kayak or boat? Or you could even throw a line in and catch yourself some lunch.


Time from Perth: 1.5 Hours

Where is Lancelin?

If bright white, sandy beaches are what you’re after, then look no further, Lancelin could be just the place you’re looking for. One and half hour’s drive from Perth, and surrounded by sand dunes and two islands, this beach town is an outdoor enthusiasts nirvana.

For the quiet types however, there is still plenty on offer, with sand stretching as far as the eye can see, you can be sure there is an empty spot with your name and towel on it. Popular activities in the region are many, including; fishing, swimming, boating, 4wd’ing, camping, windsurfing – it’s noted on the international circuit – and surfing, for both beginners and advanced respectively.


Time from Perth: 1.5 Hours

Where is York?

If you’re a bit of a history buff, you’re in good hands, as York is the oldest inland town in Western Australia and only an hour and half’s drive from Perth.

Surrounded by beautiful country side and rolling hills, while maintaining its heritage charm, this historic town offers up plenty delights for everyone, young and old.

People flock from all over to soak up the nature, take in the history, arts and crafts, lay back over a round of golf or book. For the more adventurous spirits however, York offers a choice of horse riding, hang-gliding or skydiving.

Lane Pool Reserve

Time from Perth: 1.5 Hours

Where is Lane Pool Reserve?

Lane Pool Reserve is one and half hour’s drive from Perth, near the town of Dwellingup. Experience vibrant wildlife and the spectacle of changing landscapes.

Covering nearly 55,000 hectares and comprised of woodlands, steep valley slopes, waterfalls, rapids and waterfalls, Lane Pool is a nature lover’s paradise. There are also many opportunities for fishing, swimming, canoeing and rafting. Tours and hire equipment are available from Dwellingup if you should require them.

So, what are you waiting for?

You now know that being busy is no excuse not to get away for at least some of the weekend. Happy Camping!

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