My name is Rodney. I am from Melbourne, 51 years young and have lived in the big smoke all of my life. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia back in 2009 but have carried the dreaded symptoms in silence ever since my mid twenties without really knowing why my get up and go, had got up and left. I am now on the disability pension and have claimed my entitlements through my superannuation which has eased the financial pressures somewhat.

Life is about the journey rather than focusing on destinations for me at this point in time so I’m going to slow down and take a good whiff of the flowers as life is too damn short not to embrace every minute from now on.

I decided to first get myself a mans best friend, Godfrey my British bulldog (born 14/02/2016) and then I purchased a Caretta Pop Road Camper from Caretta Australia in Perth in February this year. Alastair and Lucy provided loads of information through phone and internet contact. Videos, PDF’s etc. Enough for me to be confident to go ahead and make the purchase (sight unseen) and have the camper trucked over to Melbourne.

Upon opening the van I was humbled that Caretta had even thoughtfully thrown in a few little surprises like doggy treats, tea towels etc. They say it’s the thought that counts and I can’t be more thankful and pleased with the service that both Lucy and Alastair have provided both pre and after sales.

So on the first of February this year I embarked on my trip of a lifetime, put all possessions that I now find supplementary into storage and off I went. I plan to explore our beautiful country indefinitely with the only real plan being to take my time and enjoy the journey as much as I can.

The journey began just outside of Melbourne on the Mornington peninsula in a little place called Stony Point which is where I was camping when my van arrived in Melbourne. I spent four months back in 2012 travelling from Melbourne to Perth, so I decided it was apt to begin this journey by heading east towards Mallacoota so the Southern coast of Australia would be travelled in completion.

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